Thursday, 1 October 2015

5 steps for improving real-time customer service

The scenario of business world is going to change drastically with more than half of consumer products and services research and development focusing on improving customer experience by 2017. Social media has brought about a revolutionary change in emphasising the need for excellent customer service.
Consumers are willing to only choose those products or services that offers the best experience. This has led to an increased market competition and have substantially raised the bar in current customer care scenario. Real-time customer care is crucial to this trend, as nobody has the patience to wait for answers. Maximum businesses have still not mastered the art of real-time customer service. These are few handy tips using which you can improve Real-time customer service at your organisation:

1.) Concentrate on your customer database

Treating customer like kings and queens starts with personalization, and this comes from having all customer related data in one place so customer care executives can pick up from where the last conversation ended and see the previous history of interactions. This creates positive customer experience and generates brand loyalty.

2.) Predict requirements using Analytics

Predictive analytics is touted to be one of the top customer service trends for 2015. By suggesting the next best alternative or proactively engaging in trending customer service, is sure to reap huge dividends. Analytics also helps in pacing up customer service in real time environment, by helping the customer care executive understand the customer and his needs in a jiffy.

3.) It’s okay to be human(and make mistakes)

Customers prefer talking to human than to a robot any day. Therefore, an efficient real-time customer service ensures that there is a steady brand voice dealing with all customer interactions. Transparency and genuineness is the key to connect with customers on a whole new level. They do not expect perfection and accuracy at all times, but they do expect honesty. So it’s fine to make mistakes once in a while, but not apologising for it, is definitely not okay.

4). Enable customer service on smartphones

With the ever growing demand and usage of mobile phones it has been predicted that mobile search will generate 28 billion more queries than desktop search by 2016, and it will just keep on growing by the numbers. Therefore, mobile applications (apps) should connect well with real-time customer service. Websites that have an app version should make it convenient for the customers to interact with the customer care executive as well.

5.) Be customer ready 24/7

Prompt response and quick actions for resolving issues are extremely crucial for effective customer service. It is not called “Real-Time” for nothing, it literally means the same. It could mean a difficult feat for businesses which are not used to effective customer service, but it sure gives them an opportunity to buckle up and work on building customer loyalty.

In a nutshell, real-time customer service involves potential as well as peril, but if done the right way, your business can reach the pinnacle of success and popularity.

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